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FAQ Page

When Was MYTHIC Founded/Made?

MYTHIC or MYTHIC Community was forge in the year of 2016 in October! With Brooke and Five of her closest gaming friends! To bring people together for one thing gaming!

Why are we different?

>What makes us different from other gaming community and hosting community is that we actually have a strong bond with our player base. As well we 100% guaranteed Professional standpoint with staff manners with our community members base! All our members of staff are specially trained to do their staff duty within our community! We also made sure that we have all type of game servers for players to enjoy from PVP to RP to PVE! We are mostly known for making Roleplaying servers tho. We also make sure our community members have a voice. We tend to talk to our community members before we do any changes or wipes or etc we have so many other features to!

What are our intentions?

To create a social and mature gaming atmosphere for members which cannot be seen in other communities. We want to create a community that’s different than all the others by actually creating an engaging environment. A “group” of people having fun together, talking, playing and meeting other gamers from all over the world. Connecting people is our main intention, not only by talking about games but also by telling stories about “everyday things”. We are not only connecting people with servers and gaming, we also have actual contact with them over a few social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and voice chat platforms such as Discord.

Payment refunds?

All, our donations and patrons are FINAL after payment. (We do not grant refunds) please contact a member of our staff! But your donation and patron goes towards MYTHIC server to make them run 100% smooth! and improve for you and fellow members at MYTHIC!

What we can do for you?

Make sure all ages are safe in our community like we said. on all our servers! So we provide a safe community for all ages and all kinds of individuals to play games and make a strong bond with other members within MYTHIC.

Why Did you Guys change your name to MYTHIC?

Our old name us to be ‘Dawn of the Phoenix’ or DoTP – For the reason behind the name change was to fit more into our theme of mythology. So MYTHIC or MYTHIC Community ringed a bell to us! We hold on to our old name close to us and are proud of what we did with the old name! But the time stamp on the name change was middle of 2016.

How many names does MYTHIC have?

We go by just ‘MYTHIC’ or ‘MYTHIC Gaming Community’ or ‘MYTHIC Community’ as well ‘MYTHIC RP’ and our tagline is “where the Immortal gamers play”

Player Run Community?

So by this, we made a system within our community to give our members a voice within MYTHIC! If server changes are happening we discuss with the players who play on the server. Our servers are also paid from our patrons or friendly donations to keep our server running smooth and improve our members gameplay under our banner!

You guys cover EA issues (Early Access Issues)?

We do cover EA game issues. Since the majority of our server is in the early development. To help with bugs or issue we do cover item loss issues or anything that cause the issue in gameplay on our servers. We also do cover rule breakers as well! Just need to redeem an item loss on our forums!

How does one become a streamer for MYTHIC?

You would need to apply for the MYTHIC content creator! and fill out this mini application. Click here To apply

If you have any questions? That is not listed here feel free to message a member of our staff team we are open to answering any questions.