Welcome to MYTHIC!

Where the immortal Gamers play!

We are deeply sorry, But our website is under construction still at this time! So some things may not be there or fully working at this moment!

Incredible Atmosphere

We are a international gaming community for PC gamers! Our Friendly atmosphere is wonderful for all ages! To come and enjoy gaming within MYTHIC!

Best of the best staff!

MYTHIC is known to have 10/10 must professional and knowledgeable and caring staff in any gaming community! Who do not abuse the player base aswell power hungry! With specially trained in doing their task as a member of staff within MYTHIC! We are 100% guarantee and stand by this.

Key Features

We made this community to help people escape from STRESS and DRAMA that is happening in society today this day! We want to focus on gameplay and having fun and not worrying about stuff like that! So here at MYTHIC you can be your true immortal self!

MYTHIC Official Trailer

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