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What people are saying about us!

Amazing Place

Mythic is a fantastic online gaming community offering several different servers for some of the more popular games that are out right now. They have a very friendly and dedicated staff, who provide answers and solutions to any question or problem. The player-base is really chill, and whatever you like, you will fit in very well with the bunch. I highly recommend Mythic Community to everyone who enjoys any types of games, with this shoe, it will always fit.


10/10 Gaming Community!

Great server as well community to play on! Admins are active community is great very friendly bunch of people to RP with if your looking for a server that runs great with a good group of players that arent going to offline raid you or destroy your hard earned work look no further.

Mr Carthage
MYTHIC Member, Dark and Light


Love this server and community its dedicated staff. I have my own private server, but often end up here because it is so much fun.

MYTHIC Member, Dark and Light and Conan Exiles

Fantastic Community

A fantastically warm and welcoming community with amazing staff who are friendly and professional as well as fair. I absolutely love this server and I do not play DnL anywhere else but here. A great RP environment adds so much more to this game and I look forward to spending many years experiencing and adding to the success of this great server.

Fyzl 'Duff' Manyzl
MYTHIC Member, Dark and Light

Family Atmosphere

MYTHIC is family...Not just games!


Amazing Community

Really great servers as well community, I highly recommended MYTHIC, joined a few days ago, discord is active and staff is active too. glad I found this community.

Dark and Light Player on MYTHIC RP/PVP Server