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Welcome to MYTHIC Community

Welcome Arcanist to MYTHIC Community official website! Where gamers become Immortal! MYTHIC Community is a professional community with their own game servers for many survival games! But we just don't Host servers we also play many games! We even help content creators get their foundation going for becoming successful streamer! Come check out MYTHIC Community out and join our discord! and become apart of our immortalized community!

Our Server(s)

At this moment our serve web pages, are still being made to fit the theme of that server! We are deeply sorry for any Inconveniences. IF are you trying to find our server join our Discord for the time being!

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Help keep MYTHIC Community gaming servers run perfectly smooth for all Arcanist! As well other projects for mythic! Get special perks within our community!

Players Testimonials About us!

Fantastic Community

A fantastically warm and welcoming community with amazing staff who are friendly and professional as well as fair. I absolutely love this server and Community! I do not play DnL anywhere else but here. A great RP environment adds so much more to this game and I look forward to spending many years experiencing and adding to the success of this great server."

Fyzl 'Duff' Manyzl
MYTHIC Arcanist, Dark and Light

Family Atmosphere

"MYTHIC: Not just games or community, it's family"

MYTHIC Arcanist, Dark and Light

So glad I found MYTHIC!

Really great server/community, I highly recommended MYTHIC, joined a few days ago, discord is active and staff is active too. glad I found this community."

MYTHIC Arcanist

Looking for
more staff!

We are looking for dedicated and creative individuals! To be apart of our elite staffing! That will include Moderators, Developers! Admins for all our server(s) here at MYTHIC Community!